FIFA 18 Tips and Hints


German 3rd league should be there

For years, many fans have wanted EA Sports to finally take the 3rd league into the "FIFA" series. With the latest edition of the soccer simulation, this desire will obviously come true.

According to information from the "kicker", Germany's third-league league will be playable in FIFA 18 Ultimate team hack. The deal between the DFB and EA is already sealed, only the official announcement is still outstanding.

With an online vote on, more than 220,000 fans had recently voted for the introduction of the 3rd league at FIFA. The game class was second in the Chinese league.


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A lot of tradition in league 3

It seems as if this desire had been heard by the players. Now fans of the FC Magdeburg, Hansa Rostock, VfL Osnabrück or promoter SV Meppen may look forward to taking the fortunes of their clubs on the console themselves in the future.

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FIFA Mobile Hack Cheats

If you are a super addict of the classic FIFA video game and you have been playing it for several years, you will surely have downloaded  FIFA Mobile cheats 2018 for Android. Year after year, the mobile platform of FIFA has been enriched and made more complex to become an exciting experience, bigger and better than ever.

If you are a FIFA veteran or if you have just joined, today we want to present some of your main strategies to get the best team.

Main game modes

  • Attack mode:  75-second turn-based game, which can have a duration of 48 hours. Choose an attack or defensive strategy and score goals to acquire coins and experience.
  • Season mode:  Play a full season against other leagues. Very similar to the traditional console game, but unlocked at level 8.
  • Live events  The new events appear according to what is happening in the real world. There are daily challenges, sometimes for just a few hours, with which you can earn coins and experiences.
  • Leagues:  Join a league with other players, face other leagues, chat with your teammates and win prizes. The option is unlocked in level 5. Access to join leagues through the menu. As a council, try to join several, because you will not be accepted at all, since each group has a maximum of 32 members.

Control the game in the best way

To control the game, you can use the virtual controls, or by sliding your fingers on the screen. Try both methods and choose the one that suits you best.  It is also possible to play in automatic mode, as long as you do not touch the screen. But keep in mind that this is a very limited and poor performance.

Always consider the direction marked by the blue arrow , which indicates where you are moving the command (not the direction a player is heading). Then, if you give a pass, the ball will go there.

Win matches wisely

This list of tips will help you to have more triumphs:

  • Choose players who have a rating of your team inferior to yours , so you will have more chances to win.
  • Play with short passes until you reach the area.
  • Already in the area, try cross passes to deceive opponents.
  • Choose formations where the extremes rise frequently (cross passes to the interior). Make for fifa mobile online hack sure that these ends delay the ball.
  • When defending, do not force fouls by fighting for the ball, better position the defender close to the attacker to steal the ball quickly.

Create your team with astuteness

First, you must create a team with up to 27 players that include all the positions. Then, choose one of the 16 tactical positions and the system will automatically fill in the 11 players  (this can be altered only if you have bonus). It is much more important to have a team with good statistics than to fill the 27 positions, because they can be less players.

How to have the best players?

To get players , you can open envelopes (using coins or FIFA points), complete direct events or plans or also do it from the market (as long as you are aware of promotions).

Envelopes can come all kinds of players that you can improve using four types of items: bronze, silver, gold and red (the latter are the best). But there are also other types of articles that relate to the performance of players in real life. If you are lucky that one of your players has a good performance, congratulations!

You can also participate in challenges with which you can get other types of items, called memories (past achievements of players). They will also give you better statistics.

And how does the market work?

As a general advice, do not spend money on defenses up to level 8 , when season mode is unlocked. Before you can only play in attack mode, so it's not worth it.

The other thing that you should be clear about is that if you bet money on a player in an auction, you will lose it even if you do not win it, so think before you act! Maybe sometimes it is better to look for players that have a direct purchase price.

If what you're looking for is to have the biggest cracks in the world on your team, it's not worth it. You will have much better results (and more money) if you buy high level players in all positions, without being stars . And with high level players we mean that they have more than 70 valuation and that they cost between 800 and 2,000 coins.

That's it, now you can play like a professional from the comfort of your  LG smartphone.